Lighting & Decor


String Light Options

String lights can be hung around the inside of a tent’s perimeter, throughout the ceiling of the tent, or both. We will work with you to come up with the perfect lighting pattern for your event. We carry Black or White String Bistro Lights, Warm or Cool Italian Ice Lights, & Brown String Lights. 

Additional Lighting Options

Our additional lighting options include Brass Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers, Edison Bulbs, Black or Silver Par Can Lights, & LED Halogens.

Décor Options

Tent Ceiling Fabric Décor, With or Without Lights

Fabric décor turns your tent into a one of a kind custom event space like no other. We offer a large variety of fabric colors and textures to go with any color scheme or theme. You can choose to have the fabric strung tight against the ceiling of the tent or hung loose to swag over your event space. Add string lights under the fabric for a beautiful warm glow and perfect mood lighting as your event runs into the night. Our team will help you come up with the perfect fabric and light pattern for your tent!

Fabric Covered Center Poles, With or Without Lights (Pole Tents Only)

If you are going to do any décor in a Pole Tent we highly recommend fabric covered lit center poles, even if you choose not to do any other décor.  Without the lighting and fabric, center poles are just plain metal and generally go unnoticed. Adding fabric and lights really turns them into a beautiful center piece of your tent that also acts as great functional lighting right down the middle of your event space.

Fabric Puffed Tent Legs, With or Without Lights

If you would like to add more fabric and/or lighting to your tent then the tent legs are a great place to do so. You can choose to have just fabric, just lights, or both on the legs to add an additional custom feel to your event. You also have the option to add these fabric/lights to every other leg or only certain legs (such as the entrance) as a more cost effective option to add additional décor.

Back Drops, With or Without Lights

Whether it’s an elegant backdrop for your head table or a professional backdrop for your corporate event we have the perfect options for you. We use our Pipe N’ Drape system to make standard backdrops in black, white or ivory or we can create a custom fabric backdrop to match the theme and color scheme of any event. We also have up-lights to shine on to backdrops or curtain string lights to add a beautiful glow behind custom backdrops.

White Pole Wrap, To Cover Metal Framing in Ceiling of Tent (Frame Tents Only)

White Pole Wrap is a “must have” in Frame Tents when you want an elegant clean look throughout your entire event space. If you are adding any décor to a frame tent we highly recommend that you start with White Pole Wrap so that the eye doesn’t get distracted by the dark metal finish of the poles in the ceiling of the tent. After White Pole Wrap is added, the poles in the ceiling of the tent blend nicely in with the white tent top leaving a great blank white space to add any other lighting or décor you were envisioning for your tent.