Dance Floors, Stages, & Flooring

Dance Floors

Our dance floors range from 12’x12′ to 32’x32′ to accommodate events of all sizes. We offer a Black & White Snap Lock option for a classic and modern theme or our Cedar plank option for a more rustic or industrial theme. For cedar, you can also choose between a light (natural) or a dark stain (red tone) option.


Our 4’x4’ Bil-Jax stage system is designed to provide an extremely safe and dependable stage or riser for any event. Staging height can range from 6” to 48” tall. Additional accessories are available such as stairs, railing, and black skirting for a professional finish. 


Our safe & durable flooring is built with a 2x6x12 subfloor with a secured ¾” plywood overlay, following the contour of the ground. The plywood is then covered in a premium black astro-turf for a professional finish. While typically used to floor an entire tent we can also just floor an event space for you, even if a tent is not needed. For example, we can use the flooring to make a safe walkway for your guests with or without a tent to cover it.