Portable Restrooms

We can supply a variety of different types of Portable Restrooms, Restroom Trailers, & Hand Wash Stations for any type of event.


  • Minimum 2 restroom units for 100 guests for an up to 4 hour event.   
  • Minimum 3 restroom units for 100 guests for an over 4 hour event.
  • Minimum 3 restroom units for 250 guests for an up to 4 hour event.
  • Minimum of 1 hand wash station per 4 restrooms.
  • Additional hand wash stations should be placed at each food vendor station.

Basic Portable Restroom
Non-Flushing Toilet
Hand Sanitizer

Standard Portable Restroom
Non-Flushing Toilet
Hand Wash Sink
Soap & Paper Towels

Deluxe Portable Restroom
Flushing Toilet
Hand Wash Sink

20% Larger than Basic Unit

Handicap Accessible Restroom
Non-Flushing Toilet
Hand Sanitizer
Three Safety Bars

Oversized Door

Dual Hand Wash Stations
Foot Pedal Operation

Fully Stocked with Paper Towel, Soap, & Water

Prestige 2 Restroom Trailer

Accommodates approximately 125 guests in an 8 hour period


Prestige  3 Restroom Trailer

Accommodates approximately 300-350 guests in an 8 hour  period